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Forest nidra is proud to present its brand new bedding concept :Tandem.

By combining two fabrics with different characteristics, in our case cotton and flannel, this new innovation in bedding sheets allows each individual in the same bed to enjoy a similar level of comfort based on their tolerance to heat or cold.

We are convinced that Tandem will appeal to a broad clientele of couples who are seeking greater quality of sleep, while sharing the same bed. No detail or degree of quality has been spared in order to provide the highest quality product at the best price. The quality of the weaving, the sewn pockets at the foot of the flat sheet providing unparalleled stability and comfort on both sides of the bed along with the innovative dual comfort concept make for a bedding product unlike any other on the market.

By obtaining each individual’s desired level of comfort you will sleep deeper and wake up more rested.


Product presentation:


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